NFL Gamepass Score Hider (CBS/FOX game update banner)

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have written a score hider for when watching GamePass. It is a draggable black bar which you can resize and drag on top of GamePass (even in full screen). Just place it over the FOX/CBS score banner they usually have at the bottom of the screen and all you need to do is listen for the announces saying “Lets go for a game break”.

It is written in Java so you will need that installed. Sorry but I do not have time to explain that to you.

I have included the source as well as precompiled stuff.

You should be able to run it by double clicking on BlackBar.class (that works on OSX anyway). In Lion/M-Lion you may need to right click and open as Apple blocks double click of apps from developers not registered with them (which I obviously did not do for this). Otherwise go to the command line and type

Java BlackBar

Once you have run it you can enter the x and y sizes of the black bar and click OK, that will set the size of the bar, work that out for your own monitor / TV. Then just go full screen with Game Pass and drag it about to suit your needs.

This program is provided without warranty or suitability for purpose. If it breaks your computer, eats your children etc etc it is not my fault. Use at your own risk. If you are worried then learn Java, read the code and compile it yourself. To compile it in the command line type:


Updated Link

I will get this on Github or something more permanent.

GamePass Screenshot

When in fullscreen the black bar is still visible but the size controls are not.

  1. hkdaddyo says:

    Or, people can just do it the easy way and turn the scores off.

    • shadowbadger says:

      Turning off the scores in the NFL GamePass App only hides the scores on the menu listings for choosing which game you want to watch, before you watch the game. I do have this set to off.

      It does not cover in any way the updates and stats banners which the CBS and Fox networks superimpose on the video feed during the game, it is strange that they do not as it is cleary possible to get unmodified feeds, games on Sky Sports in the UK do not have this banner and they get their feeds (and commentators) from CBS/Fox.

      So yeah, nice try . . . but no.

  2. stephan says:

    Hey could you please reupload the java bar or seen it to my email? 🙂


  3. JOHN HAMILL says:


    I am looking for your score hider for when watching GamePass (the draggable black bar). The link on your web page is not working. Is there any way you can send this to me?

    I would be very grateful. Thank you for your assistance in advance.

    • shadowbadger says:

      Thanks for pointing out the broken link.

      I have put it up on DropBox, you should be able to download it at

      Source Code is included as is compiled Java bytecode. Extract the zipped folder and place it wherever you want. Open command prompt and navigate to the BlackBar folder. If you place BlackBar on C: for example type cd C:\BlackBar

      Once in the BlackBar folder type “java BlackBar” without the quotes to run it.

      You can recompile the code by typing “javac BlackBar” , if you want to change the defaults for you Height, Width, X and Y look for the line in (open that in notepad not Word or something similar). Where it says “//For 1080p” at line 26 you can change the defaults there.

      It is on my TODO list to make this more user friendly with savable defaults and an easy to launch EXE type thing. I will get on that now that it seems to be working again. For a while on OSX it stopped working for me, not going above the GamePass feed due to a change in Flash or GamePass. On Windows 7 for me though it is working perfectly. I am not sure how it would work on Windows 8 if you use something other than a desktop based program, if in doubt do not use any “apps” to run GamePass, just an old fashioned browser. Any problems let me know and watch this space for the more user friendly version.

      I am very glad this is working again as I have a big piece of elastic currently wrapped round my TV.

      If only I could write a program to stop Jim Fecking Nantz from spoiling games with no warning.


      • shadowbadger says:

        Also please note it is not currently dragable, not sure why.

        Use the text fields of Width, Height, X and Y then press OK to adjust it. The defaults are for 1920×1080 (1080p) so if you have a monitor or TV that size they should just work, hiding both CBS and Fox banners.

        If you want to move it so you can get at the controls just add to X to move the thing right, then reduce Width to shorten it if you want the left hand side Games, Plays, Stats controls.

      • collins12 says:

        Thank you very much. I may use it. I thought that when you turn the scores off in the Game Pass, those bars wouldn’t appear but I’m afraid I was wrong. I’m subscribing for the first time but I don’t want to be informed about some results of matches I will watch later… NFL should improve that :S

      • shadowbadger says:

        I seem to remember contacting support (Neulion are the company who make the app) but their response was simply that it was outside of their control. The usual dismissive thing. I know for a fact that when Sky show games on TV here in the UK there is not a ticker at the bottom, so raw feeds without the superimposition must be available somehow. To me it would make much more sense to show the raw feed with just the network logo, then have GamePass use its own ticker based on the data they already use for all the stats etc. This could be turned on/off.

        I will test BlackBar again before the season starts as I have been caught out before with changes to either GamePass or Flash breaking my code and not having it on top.

        An in-built solution from GamePass would be awesome though as it would work on phones and tablets as well.

        Just a pitty the commentators can still spoil you with no warning (looking at you Jim Nantz)

  4. Would love to use this if you ever got it working, I downloaded from that link in an older comment and tryed to run, but I cant get past this part in the instructions: “Once in the BlackBar folder type “java BlackBar” without the quotes to run it.”

    I type that and it says: java is not recognized as an internal command or external command, operable program or batch file.

    • shadowbadger says:

      Feanor, that is probably an issue with your path settings.

      See here:

      Alternatively you can type the whole path to Java.exe, like in windows it will be under one of the Program Files folders, it will be something like “C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_60\bin\Java.exe”, this was my Windows 10 install just last Sunday. You need to find that “bin” directory, it is what contains the Java.exe program. Adding that “bin” directory to your path as above will stop you having to type out the full name each time.

      Reply back if you still cannot get it. I know the score thing annoys the crap out of me.

      • shadowbadger says:

        So just to clarify, that would be running from the BlackBar directory in the console . . . “C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_60\bin\Java.exe BlackBar”

        Edit: And yeah it does work, if that one you have does not I will re-upload, but I do not think I changed the code, it just started working again. I have used it on Windows 10 this week.

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