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Shadowbadger’s Sett

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Introduction
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Welcome to my log of various modelling projects. I will eventually put some better site graphics up and play with the layout a bit but this is good enough for now. I am a 29 (clinging to it hard) year old fan of GW Specialist Games, the ones that were all the rage when I was younger, two decades ago in the 90’s (eeep). Of course these are now the red headed step children of GW but hey, they kicked out a lot of good games back in the day and below you will find the contents of my blog by game along with links to other great sites.

Death and desperation in a super city factory slum on crack. Necromunda is a great tactical game with the scenery being as much a factor as the models who fight.

Crash a hulk full of orks onto a planet, ruining its eco system and buggering the hulk in the process. More fluff, blah blah blah, orks fight each other on vehicles. An awesome tongue in cheek game.

Anything that does not fit in just one game.

  • Materials – The materials I use for terrain projects.

Links to other great sites

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