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I have written a score hider for when watching GamePass. It is a draggable black bar which you can resize and drag on top of GamePass (even in full screen). Just place it over the FOX/CBS score banner they usually have at the bottom of the screen and all you need to do is listen for the announces saying “Lets go for a game break”.

It is written in Java so you will need that installed. Sorry but I do not have time to explain that to you.

I have included the source as well as precompiled stuff.

You should be able to run it by double clicking on BlackBar.class (that works on OSX anyway). In Lion/M-Lion you may need to right click and open as Apple blocks double click of apps from developers not registered with them (which I obviously did not do for this). Otherwise go to the command line and type

Java BlackBar

Once you have run it you can enter the x and y sizes of the black bar and click OK, that will set the size of the bar, work that out for your own monitor / TV. Then just go full screen with Game Pass and drag it about to suit your needs.

This program is provided without warranty or suitability for purpose. If it breaks your computer, eats your children etc etc it is not my fault. Use at your own risk. If you are worried then learn Java, read the code and compile it yourself. To compile it in the command line type:


Updated Link

I will get this on Github or something more permanent.

GamePass Screenshot

When in fullscreen the black bar is still visible but the size controls are not.