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Ork Workshop

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Gorkamorka, Scenery, Tabletop Gaming
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For my Gorkamorka board I will not need that much scenery, what with it being a barren world and all. I did like the idea of having a couple of buildings though, occupying 1/6 to 1/4 of the board or at least making it appear filled. All that would then be required would be some rocks and perhaps a hill for vehicles to bound over.

My first building was a Small Ork Hut with a Squigg pen. It would perhaps be a mobs ammo or weapons store as well as their food store. I wanted the second building to be larger than the first so I came upon the idea of having a garage or workshop with an adjoining smaller building for hammocks, bunks or just for the orks to sleep on the floor. I wanted this building to be a kind of square within a square, with two squares overlapping 1/4 of their area. The workshop half would be the complete half and slightly taller than the bunk room.

Both squares were to be 150mm by 150mm which is the same as the long side of the smaller building. This gives an effective 225mm by 225mm footprint versus the 150mm by 150mm footprint of the smaller building. The walls on the bunk room were to be the same height (75mm) as the smaller building with the workshop being 150mm tall but with a sloping roof going down to 100mm. I cut the 150mm by 150mm section then just drew on it until I saw a slope which looked about right. I was going to make this building big enough to park my Trukk but even the one out of the box would have needed a workshop 200mm by 180mm and the custom one I planned would have been even bigger. I therefore decided just to make it a workshop as apposed to a garage with car ramps etc. The first cut pieces are shown below:

First Cut

From the basic wall shapes I cut the two 150mm square walls of the garage to have the sloping roof down to 100m tall at its low point. I then used a stanley knife to cut out the windows and the doors. On the smaller windows which are completely enclosed by wall this can be quite difficult. If I had some kind of say it would be easier but I had to just cut as best I can then poke the blade through at various points to that I could see the line on the other side then cut back the other way. Fortunately ork buildings are meant to be a bit rough so I took advantage of this and purposefully made a bit of a bad job of it.


For the workshop door I cut a slant to match the roof slope. I then as with the small hut glued the parts together using No More Nails then let it set over night. You can see the square within a square design in the pictures below:


The sloping roof is going to be made of patchwork pieces of metal and mesh, as will the hut and workshop doors. As a base for the roof I stretched a piece of mesh over it and pinned it in place with drawing pins. I then covered the sections above the walls with No More Nails and rubbed it in through the mesh. The idea here is that it will dry and hold the mesh down to the top of the walls. Sheets of plastic card will then placed in an ad hoc fashion on to the roof to complete it. There will be some small parts of mesh visible through the cracks in the plastic card which should be a nice effect. The pins will be removed once the glue dries.

Mesh Roof

On top of the mesh I wanted a patchwork kind of roof, showing some of the supporting mesh underneath and with a couple of windows. Plasticard is your friend, you can do so much with it. I made the panels and the rivets for the roof. On the panels I added a lot of dents and made sure the lines were not straight. I found that sharp corners and straight lines made the panels look too well made and not orky.

Roof Panels

I am really happy with how this building is turning out:

Whole Building